Income Tax

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We are one of the most efficient income tax return preparer offering tax return preparation services. We do every thing for you in this regard and even guide you how to file returns, either physically or electronically. Filing electronically may help you in getting refund back faster. Our team also guide you of potential deductions to limit your tax liability for the next year. .

When two or more services are bundled together it would be classifiable under the category which gives essential character to the service. Classification rules are in place from 14 May, 2003. If in case of composite activities, one or more of the activities are liable to service tax and the others are not liable to service tax, service tax would ordinarily be payable only on the charges received for the services to which service tax is applicable, provided charges for each activity can be separately identified / determined and it is not incidental to the main service.There are no rules for such identification / allocation and, therefore, such allocation, if required, must be made on a reasonable basis.

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